Projects: The Pillars Of The Earth (Daedalic Entertainment) – Edna & Harvey: The Breakout (Daedalic Entertainment) – Deponia Collection (Daedalic Entertainment) – State of Mind (Daedalic Entertainment) Shadow Kings (Goodgame Studios) – Pocket Ninja (Pop Rocket) – Eprimo (Pop Rocket) – NoNo Craft (Beardshaker Games) – Monster Guards (Beardshaker Games)

The final realization of my animatics for the “Shadow Kings” trailer can be found here (please note that I wasn’t involved in the production of that video):

Compositing and edit of various trailers according to pre-existing storyboards or concepts. The music and final audio mix were produced externally. The assets were not drawn by me.)
After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Trapcode Particular

Release-Trailer: “The Pillars Of The Earth – Book 2" for Daedalic Entertainment

Release-Trailer: “The Pillars Of The Earth – Book 3" for Daedalic Entertainment

Release-Trailer: “State Of Mind” for Daedalic Entertainment

Animatic for TV-Commercial “Shadow Kings” for Goodgame Studios (Nicht von mir gezeichnet)

Concept-Trailer: “Pocket Ninja” for Pop Rocket

App Visualization “Eprimo” for Pop Rocket

Preview: “NoNo Craft” for Beardshaker Games

Trailer: “Monster Guard” for Beardshaker Games