Mobile Ads

These mobile app – ads were created in 2019-2020 for AdLiven, Inc and Kaizen Platform USA, Inc.

My contribution:

  • Creating the final videos by designing, compositing and editing pre-existing assets which include character art, backgrounds, animations, live action stock footage, 3D models and gameplay material (these were NOT created by me), usually according to a pre-defined rough concept

  • Creation of visual effects (e.g. particle FX, lensflares).

  • Selection and editing of SFX and music, using either assets from developers or sound libraries and royalty free music

  • Re-creation of gameplay scenes in Adobe After Effects using ingame assets

PLEASE NOTE: The final shot in most videos have been blurred in order to keep the focus away from the end client / game title, unless the game logo is clearly visible throughout the entire video.